Marshall Class 5 "Z" Mod - Supreme

$ 199.95

Stock, the Marshall Class 5 is a pretty cool little amp, but it can be too gainy,  dark, muffled, and even mushy. With just a few simple mods it can be like a fire-breathing Marshall of yesteryear only in a much smaller package and at a reasonable volume that won’t make the neighbors want to call the police!

These mods will bring out some needed clarity, change the tone control voicing to mid to late 60s Marshall spec, and really bring out those sweet crunchy Marshall mids. Increased filtering in the power section removes that low end mush. The Class 5 runs the power tubes pretty darn hot so we cool it down a little so your tubes will last longer too.

The Supreme mod takes it one step further to tonal bliss with the Supreme Mod which includes a beefier output transformer to really make your amp all it can be!

We are always working to improve these kits and to source the highest quality and best sounding parts for these kits, because of that what you receive, though the electronic values will be equivalent, may look different than the product photo.

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