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I think I broke my amp/pedal! Can I send it to you for repair?

Oh no! Oh yes, you can send it to us! We want to make sure you have a working amp or pedal that you enjoy. Send an email to for instructions and an estimate.

I am missing a part for my kit or I received the wrong kit.

Contact us at and we will get this fixed for you.

What is this extra 470 or 330 ohm resistor in my amp mod kit for?

That resistor is used in the procedure to drain the voltage from the power filter capacitors. This is to make sure you don't get electrocuted, so please read your instructions carefully!

Do your kits come with instructions?

Of course! We include full color instructions with all our kits.

The circuit board pictured in my instructions is different from the one in my amp! Help!

There are a couple reasons for this. First is that amp manufacturers make revisions to their circuit boards all the time. Second is that our mods are ever evolving with regards to market availability of components and our occasional revisions of the kits. Lastly, we have kits for a lot of amps and pedals, and we don't think there needs to be a unique picture for every set of instructions to show the pins on a potentiometer. If it is specific and important to that amp (for example, the placement of capacitors), we have a picture of the amp you're using. If that one is different, you probably got the wrong kit. Contact us and we'll get the right kit to you.

I have a Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville III or Blues Jr. III. Do your modifications work with my amp?

Yes. Our Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville modifications are compatible with the Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville III and our "Made in Mexico" Blues Jr. modifications are compatible with the Blues Jr. III.

The capacitors in my Recap Kit have a different voltage rating than what's listed in the instructions.

As the instructions say, the voltage ratings may vary from what is listed in the instructions. Don't worry if they are off by 5-10 volts, we have checked the circuit and have verified that those caps will work at the required voltage.

How do I send my amp to you for repair?

Click here for instructions.


Can you custom make me a pedal?

Yes! We can combine any two of our smaller footprint pedals (DIG, Up, Go, Velvet Vice, Phuz) into one super-pedal. Contact us for pricing and lead-time.

Can I get the owner's manual for one of your pedals?

Here they are:

DIG Overdrive

Go! Distortion/Boost

Phuz Fuzz

Shape EQ

Up! Clean Boost

Velvet Vice Compressor