About Us

Fromel Electronics is a small guitar effect company based in Seattle dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tone with a handmade touch at an affordable price. We want you to get the best possible tone out of your rig and we offer two kinds of products to help you achieve your tonal dreams: pedals and modification kits. Our pedals are designed by John Fromel and built in Seattle including hand etched enclosures, specially manufactured circuit boards and final assembly in our office. Our modification kits are for popular amps and pedals found in rigs all over the world and give you boutique tone in an unassuming package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fromel Electronics
10015 Lake City Way NE,Unit 125
Seattle, WA 98125

Office Hours (Generally, call to make an appointment):
Monday, Tuesday & Friday 10am to 5pm
Closed Weekends

Our shop rate is $85/hr for repairs which is also reflected in installation costs for pedal and amp kits. We charge a minimum $50 bench fee for repairs / evaluations taking less than 1 hour. 

Phone: (206) 523-TONE (8663)

Email: info@leadingtoneseattle.com