Shop Work

We offer top shelf maintenance and repair for tube amplifiers and pedals, and work on other gear on a case by case basis. In addition We also offer install service for all the mod kits we have. Our turn time is typically 2-3 weeks.

The shop rate is $99/hour plus parts billed in 1/2 hour increments.

We are in Seattle and prefer to keep business as local as possible. For clients who are not local we are happy to work on your gear if you are cool with paying shipping, both ways.

The process: Give a call 206-523-8663 or send us an e-mail to for an initial consult. We have a minimum charge of $50 for repairs and sometimes it does not make sense to repair a pedal or amplifier depending on it's value, both resale and sentimental.

Our $50 fee includes a full diagnostic and repair estimate if the cost of repair exceeds the minimum charge.

If you would like a recommendation on where to have gear worked on that is not our specialty (keyboards, recording gear, most digital gear, etc.) we can most often refer you to an excellent tech