Blues Junior Transformer Upgrades

$ 199.00

We currently offer three transformer upgrades for your Blues Jr. 

The OT-18 by SourSound. Bryan Sours custom designed this transformer to my specs and the results are astounding. It has a single 8 ohm tap for either an 8k or 6k5 reflected primary. If you only need an 8 ohm tap pick this one. The mounting centers are the same as stock. These are made in small batches, We currently have limited stock so order now. Usual lead time is 4-6 weeks. 

 Mercury Dual Tap Kit 4 & 8 ohm - This transformer is much larger than stock. Detailed mounting instructions are provided that require no drilling, the transformer ends up at an angle. Despite its massive size we have not found it to interfere with any speaker. The kit includes new output jacks that replace the current jack and footswitch jack. The instructions include how to wire the fat switch so it still operates from the front panel. If you need to run an extension cab pick this option. Lead time can be up to two weeks, if you need it fast let us know. If you only need the iron, not any extra parts, instructions or support, there are less expensive options than the kit out there. So if your a repair shop or seasoned pro get it direct.  

Hammond Choke Kit - Adding a choke will help quiet the amp down and help with low end response. You will need to drill two holes in your chassis. The kit includes mounting hardware and detailed online instructions. 

Pricing includes USPS domestic shipping. 

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