Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Modifications

$ 21.95

Boss may not be synonymous with boutique tone, but the Fromel Supreme mod will take your harsh, tubby CS-3 compressor and push it into new (and desirable) tonal territory. The Fromel modded CS-3 adds clarity to chords and presence to single note lines. With snappy pick attack and twangy, in-your-face sustain fueled licks, the CS-3 mod is like giving your tone a bear hug without suffocating it.

This is not called the supreme mod kit for nothing. Included are detailed instructions, including photos, and all the parts to turn your CS-3 in to an incredible tone machine. No longer will your tone be weak and thin and full of hiss; instead the Supreme mods add richness and depth, increased headroom, better bass response and full body to the signal. The result is a compression that sounds natural, clean and warm.

· 1n34a Germanium diodes replace the silicone diodes in the signal path producing a warmer tone

· Every cap in the signal path is replaced with high quality Panasonic Film Caps for better tone and less noise

· Capacitor values are corrected to produce a rich full tone, and noise free operation.

NOTE: in 2017 Boss produces the some pedals with surface mount technology. This mod kit will not work on the new Boss pedals with a surface mount PCB. Review the image with this product listing for more information.

If you have basic soldering skills and can follow directions, this is an easy project. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for a boutique compressor when you can upgrade your CS-3 for $19.95. I can also install the mods for you; please contact me for details.

You can also have us install the kit for you.

Click here for info about sending your pedal in for modification.

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