Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Mod Kit by Fromel

$ 21.95

Take your Metal Zone MT-2 and transform it into the pedal it should be. Say goodbye to honky mids and one dimensional, ice picky gain!  This mod gives the pedal the thick tube crunch of a Marshall stack or the scooped percussive chunk of a Mesa Dual Rectifier.  The EQ is as effective and intuitive as the best boutique amps and has the mids are sweet enough to make Brian May jealous!

Say Goodbye to Honky Mids – The supreme mod kit alters the pre and post distortion EQ and takes care of that.

    Tired of the Thin tone – The supreme mod kit replaces all the cheap electrolytic and tantalum caps with high quality film and bi-polar caps so your tone is unrestricted and full of power. Most important your guitars natural tone will be preserved.

    Get rid of the shrill Ice Pick highs – The supreme mod kit replaces the cheap ceramic caps that sound shrill with corrected value high quality film or mica caps for a warm full tone that doesn’t sacrifice any high end.

    More usable EQ – The supreme mod kit has corrected cap values in the EQ section that expand the tonal possibilities of the EQ giving you wide range of tone you would have never thought possible.

    Need More Gain? – With the supreme mod kit you can have more if you want it.

      Amp like response – The supreme mod kit replaces the standard clipping diodes with MOSFET transistors, known for their amp like distortion qualities. No longer will your Metal Zone be one dimensional. With MOSFET clipping it will be alive and responsive.

        Is it on? – Included is a ultra bright orange LED, you will know when it’s on.

        To my knowledge this is the most complete MT-2 mod kit available with over 25 components for a total tonal transformation. Included are all the parts and detailed instructions with color photos.

        If you have basic soldering skills and can follow directions this is an easy project. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for a Boutique distortion when you can transform your MT-2 for $19.95.

        You can also have us install the kit for you.

        Click here for info about sending your pedal in for modification.

        NOTE: in 2017 Boss produces the some pedals with surface mount technology. This mod kit will not work on the new Boss pedals with a surface mount PCB. Review the image with this product listing for more information.

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