Blues Junior Transformer Upgrades

$ 140.00

Mercury Magnetics transformers are the highest quality transformer upgrades for the Blues Junior (all versions, including the new Blues Jr. III) and they work exceptionally well to put the final touches on an amp with our modification kits. The tone is open, clear and articulate and sounds like taking a heavy blanket off of your amp.

We offer the output transformer in two versions: a single 8 tap version and a dual 8 and 4 taps. The Single tap version only replaces the one output for use with only the internal speaker or one 8 speaker cab and retains the use of the footswitchable Fat switch. The Dual tap version removes the footswitch input for an extension speaker jack which allows for using the internal speaker with an external 8 speaker cab at the same time.

If you're wondering which transformer to purchase we suggest upgrading the output transformer. The output transformer is the most directly involved in the tone of the amplifier. Upgrading the entire set will significantly improve performance and tone.


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