Go! Distortion/Boost Pedal

$ 149.00

This pedal can push from moderate overdrive to fuzz with numerous sweet spots.  “Go!” responds very well to changes in dynamics and volume and is ideal for the player who likes to control their gain from the instrument.  When the instrument volume is rolled back, “Go!” cleans up beautifully.  When the volume is dimed, “Go!” turns into a sizzling gain machine with complex harmonics.  “Go” can even work as a treble booster and is very effective when stacked with other dirt boxes.

“Go!” features two inseparable controls that always work together: Thing One and Thing Two. Sometimes Thing One doesn't seem like it's doing much work and that is because Thing Two is doing most of it. Thing One likes being moved but sometimes even with great movement it won't seem like you have gone very far. Thing Two does not like to be moved and will let you know that it is displeased if you do move it, however Thing Two always complies. When Thing Two is moved it seems like it moves farther and also takes Thing one with it (they are in-separable).

The new feature is the "Rough/Smooth" switch, which cuts the clipping diodes out of the circuit, turning the pedal into a very sweet volume boost. It is perfect to bump up your volume for a solo or to push your amp into overdrive.


  • High grade double sided PCB's with plated through holes.
  • Relayed True Bypass 
  • Highest quality audio grade components
  • Teflon insulated silver plated copper wiring
  • Alpha pots

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Owner's Manual

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