Switch upgrade for Prusa MMU2s

$ 24.95

This kit consists of all the extra hardware needed to complete the mod found here at Prusaprinters.org.

Sometimes I don't want to use my MMU and until there is a Firmware update that will allow someone to bypass the MMU the best way to do that is by disconnecting the control cable between the Einsy and the MMU. That is a pain. In addition I found the cable management system with the stock cover to be lacking.

I designed a custom PCB that will switch off the signal from the MMU to the Einsy. When the transmit and receive signals are interrupted the Einsy does not recognize the MMU after a reboot. I have the PCB's available for sale listed below but if you want to roll your own the files are here. https://github.com/jfromel/MMU2s-Switch.
I also Increased the depth of the cover to accommodate the new switch and cable management, added a back to the cover with 4 zip tie holders and cut inserts into the sides for the cables.

Modifications based on the source files found here. https://github.com/prusa3d/

This kit includes all the hardware you need to upgrade the electrical cover of your MMU2s, No soldering needed!

- Custom PCB to switch off MMU

- Cable from Switch PCB to MMU

- Longer screws to accommodate mounting to base and for Switch PCB.

Also available the Lazy way with the parts printed on my Prusa instead of yours. $24.94 or you send me a spool of what color/material you want it printed in. I don't work with ABS but will print just about anything else.