Up! Clean Boost Pedal

$ 159.00

Very versatile clean boost.  This pedal has three controls: “Great” controls the overall greatness (post effect vol), “Day” controls how much of your Day gets to be Great (high end roll off), “For” is the prepositional control to tame the signal when you are having a really really GREAT DAY (pre effect gain).  

UP has enough “greatness” to give your amp a subtle nudge or a serious kick while retaining your tone and giving you improved picking dynamics and articulation.  In fact, UP is such an effective tone-shaping box, you might not want to turn it off.  I have yet to meet a guitar amp or other pedal that did not become immediate friends with Great Day for UP!


  • High grade double sided PCB's with plated through holes.
  • Relayed True Bypass or Buffered Bypass (internally selectable)
  • Highest quality audio grade components
  • Teflon insulated silver plated copper wiring
  • Alpha pots

Each enclosure is hand etched and painted and no two will ever look the same.

Owner's Manual

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