Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Modifications

$ 28.95

The BD-2 is arguably one of the best Boss pedals right out of the box, and with a few precision adjustments from the Fromel Laboratory, this pedal can rival the best boutique stomp boxes on the market. This mod opens up the tone so your guitar’s natural tone remains pure and articulate.

The new clipping section adds second order harmonics for a smoother more natural drive. Bass response is increased and tightened up for solid and responsive tone.  From twangy percussive snap-to warm, bluesy (surprise!) dirt, the simple layout and incredible array of tones makes our kit for the BD-2 a top choice for live and studio use.

Included are detailed instructions with photos and all the parts you need to make your BD-2 sound it's best. Other BD-2 mod kits completely change what the pedal sounds like, this mod takes what the BD-2 already does well and makes it better, FAR BETTER.

If you have basic soldering skills and can follow directions this is an easy project. Don't pay hundreds of dollars for a Boutique overdrive when you can upgrade your BD-2 for far less!

Click here for info about sending your pedal in for modification.

NOTE: in 2017 Boss produces the some pedals with surface mount technology. This mod kit will not work on the new Boss pedals with a surface mount PCB. Review the image with this product listing for more information.

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