Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus Modifications

$ 28.95

Everyone knows that the Boss CE-2 chorus is a classic, wonderful sounding chorus with countless units sold worldwide. The CE-2B voices that classic circuit for bass and adds a mix control to dial in exactly how much chorus you want.

Our modification kit for the Boss CE-2B includes all the parts and detailed instructions with color photos to achieve all the following mods.

CE-2 Conversion:
Turn your bass voiced CE-2B into a CE-2 while retaining the mix control.

Leslie Swirl Mod:
Increases the maximum speed available for a very convincing fast Leslie tone. All the slow speeds are still available but now the range is increased. 

Deep Mod:
Increases the maximum depth of the effect. The stock CE-2B can be a little on the subtle side, with this mod you have greater maximum
depth, without losing any of the more shallow setting. 

Hi Fidelity Mod:
Change out the op-amp with a socketed high quality audio grade op-amp. Change the stock input and output capacitors with high quality capacitors for greater retention of tone and lower noise. Take a mass produced effects pedal and give it the sonic quality of a boutique chorus pedal costing for far less.

This is a kit to modify your pedal and there is no pedal included in the kit.

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