Get 50% off a Pedal with the Purchase of Any Kit August 07 2020

You read correctly. If you buy a kit at regular price you can get one of our awesome acid etched pedals at 50% off. Why you ask? We are no longer acid etching our pedals and are currently designing awesome new enclosures for the entire line. We have limited stock of remaining acid etched pedals and need to clear out the space for the new ones.

It was a difficult decision to leave the acid etching in the past. I think the etched enclosures look absolutely incredible and like nothing else out there. The biggest problem was with the chemical waste and hazardous gasses produced during the process and was the deciding factor in changing our finishing process such as with the Shape and Seraph we are currently producing.

All of our enclosures are going through a redesign and will be presented soon, including the Shape and Seraph.

Anyhow, if you put any kit in your cart then add any acid etched pedal you will automatically see the discount when you check out. All of our pedals are new and under full warranty.