Important update to components included with kits. October 09 2020

Currently we are updating and upgrading all of our kits with better performing components. We are working on updating all the product photos and in the meantime wanted to post information on the new components and why the changes were made.

Input Jacks: Previously we supplied closed frame Switchcraft input jacks, we now supply all metal open frame Switchcraft jacks as they have a more solid connection to the input cable and have a much longer life cycle.

Capacitors: When possible we are changing from Electrolytic to Multi-Layer-Ceramic-Caps (MLCC). There are two reasons for this. First electrolytic caps degrade over time and have a useful life of 10-15 years, MLCC do not degrade over time and they sound better (I may write up a paper on the specifics in the future. Most axial caps other than filter caps are being changed from Axial mount to Radial mount. High quality axial caps are becoming increasingly rare and extremely expensive, while there are audiophile grade caps in radial configuration that cost about the same as the high cost low quality axial caps. While both form and function are important factors in the case of Caps I have decided on function over form. And a final note on caps, where possible polarized caps are replaced with bi-polar caps for better signal flow.

Other cool changes are in the works!!!!!!! so check back often.