Ibanez CS-9 Chorus Modifications

$ 28.95

The Fromel Electronics modified CS-9 is elegant and simple, boasting many usable tones and a singing, vocal quality. 

From subtle tone color to pulsating shimmer, the Supreme CS-9 has carved out it’s own niche in the Chorus world!  The speed control pushes into leslie/vibe territory when dimed and the width control also has a unique function at lower settings, allowing the bass strings to stay virtually unaffected while the treble strings swirl and sparkle.The vintage Ibanez CS-9 Stereo Chorus (made by Maxon) and the reissue CS9 are fantastic chorus pedals straight out of the box. However, with the Supreme Mod, this pedal’s tonal range can be expanded and improved with top notch components and a bit of technical know-how.

Included are all the components needed to perform the mods and detailed instructions with photos and placement designations.

Signal Path - Replace the cheap op-amps with socketed high quality audio-grade op-amps. Higher quality op-amps mean less noise and distortion and better frequency response.

Most of the capacitors in the signal path are high quality but the input cap is an electrolytic with a 20% tolerance. This kit solves that by installing a high quality audio grade capacitor in that location.

Leslie Swirl - The stock CS-9 never gets a very fast rate of speed, much in line with most chorus effects of the 80's. This mod speeds up the chorus to give a very realistic high speed Leslie effect that cannot be had on other chorus pedals. When used in stereo with the INV output the sound is impeccable.

New LED - Who knows why Ibanez put a red LED in a Purple pedal. This kit includes a violet super bright LED. It won't make your pedal sound any better, but it will look great.

If you are handy with a soldering iron and can follow instructions the kit only takes about 30 minutes to install. The kit includes all the parts and detailed instructions to turn a good chorus into a great chorus with Leslie Swirl.

This is a kit to modify your pedal and there is no pedal included in this kit.

Required Tools/supplies

  • YOUR Pedal
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • De-soldering braid and or solder sucker
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wire Clippers
Note to International customers: Due to customs your shipment may take in excess of 4 weeks.


You can also have us install the kit for you.

Click here for info about sending your pedal in for modification.

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